The following types of traffolyte labels are some examples of what we make. We supply any type of label in any size, colour or shape that you require. We can engrave text, graphics and logos to your specification. If you have any questions or need to discuss your requirements email us at or call 0114 352 0555.

Asset Labels

Our traffolyte asset labels give a cost-effective way to identify your valuable items. It is important to keep track of your property, equipment and fixed assets.

Specification Labels

We manufacture traffolyte specification labels with any information required. We can also include your company logo and contact details.

Warning Labels

The permanent nature of an engraved traffolyte label is particularly useful for warning labels. We can include any symbols required to indicate particular hazards.

Blank Labels & Fixings

We can supply low-cost blank labels to your required size, thickness and colour. They can be supplied with or without fixing holes or adhesive. All our labels can be supplied with fixing holes, self-adhesive or magnetic backing.

M3 x 10mm
Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Zinc Plated Screws

3.2mm Zinc Plated Brass Ball Chain & Connector
Available in cut lengths or by the metre

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