Why Choose Us?


With 40 years experience we advise on the various engraving materials and methods available. We can recommend the most appropriate material for your application.


A combination of using the highest quality materials and equipment, and our attention to detail in every situation, make the quality of our work always second to none.


With our investment in the latest engraving technology and our long experience of using the most efficient working methods, we offer the most competitive prices.


Whenever possible we offer a next day service. Otherwise we despatch most orders within two working days. We will always try our best to meet your deadline.

About the Traffolyte Label Company

We are a supplier of custom traffolyte labels. With many years of experience within the engraving industry. We don’t stock standard traffolyte labels, we make them to your exact specification.

Prices at The Traffolyte Label Company are very competitive. We offer a speedy turnaround without compromising quality. Do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

We use Abet laminate which in our long experience has proved to be the best quality traffolyte. The insulation properties of traffolyte make it an ideal material for use in electrical installations. The permanent nature of an engraved traffolyte label is particularly useful where safety is an issue.

About Traffolyte

Traffolyte is an opaque multi-layered rigid phenolic HPL (High Pressure Laminate) which is commonly used for engraving around the world. Traffolyte is widely used in industry because of its hard exterior and its resistance to heat, making it perfect for use on surfaces which can build up heat such as machinery. It is low smoke and halogen free. It is also popular as it is easily cleaned, acid and alkali resistant. It is naturally hard-wearing and will not oxidize if left outside in the elements. It adheres to the European Standard EN438 and International Organization for Standardization ISO 4586.

Why Is It Called Traffolyte?

The name Traffolyte comes from the location of the original manufacturers. Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Limited, the inventors and manufacturers of the material, were based at Trafford Park Works in Manchester. The company ceased manufacturing the material in the 1960’s, a similar material is now made by various companies in a number of countries. The material we use is manufactured by Abet Laminati. Over many years of engraving labels etc. we have found this material to be of the best quality available.

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