Traffolyte is a 3 ply phenolic laminate sheet that is available in the colours shown. The outer laminate is engraved to reveal the contrasting core. Traffolyte is available 1.5mm and 3mm thick. The black traffolyte is available in both gloss finish and matte finish.

There is also a traffolyte laminate that has a thin aluminium face. The face on one side is silver and it is gold on the other side. This material is commonly known as Chemco.

Alternative Engraving Materials

Traffolyte is not always the most suitable material for some applications.

Outdoor Applications

Traffolyte is often used outdoors. However, it is not UV stable so may fade in sunlight and will deteriorate when exposed to wet weather over time.
We recommend the use of acrylic engraving laminates such as Gravoply Ultra. Acrylic laminates are both UV stable and resist moisture.

Semi-Rigid Materials

If you require a material that is less rigid than Traffolyte, other semi-rigid materials are available.

We stock Gravoply 2 which as well as being flexible, it also has a very thin surface layer that allows the engraving of fine detail. Gravoply 2 is also available in 29 colour combinations and 5 thicknesses.

High Hygiene Applications

In situations where high levels of hygiene are required, surface engraved labels and signs may be deemed difficult to keep clean. To overcome this problem we recommend the use of Gravoglas 1 which we reverse engrave on the back.

The front surface is, therefore, left unmarked and easy to clean.

Multi-coloured engraving can also be achieved with this material.

We are always happy to discuss your particular requirements if you contact us.

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